7 Things You Might Don’t Know About Bee Pollen

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We all know that honey can have some serious benefits, but that’s not the only health-boosting product busy bees are turning out. Bee pollen may not sound as appetizing as its sweet counterpart, but many herbalists recommend it as a highly nutritious food source to support overall health.

Most commonly seen as small yellow pellets, bee pollen can be found at many health food stores and farmers markets. Don’t let the size fool you—those little guys have quite an interesting background as well as a unique nutritional profile. To get you acquainted with bee pollen,  here are 7 things I bet you didn’t know about bee pollen.

Busy bees

Each bee pollen pellet contains over two million highly compacted flower pollen grains, and one teaspoon of bee pollen contains over 2.5 billion pollen grains.  It would take one bee working eight hours a day for one month to gather enough for just one teaspoon of bee pollen.

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