15 Impressive Benefits of Noni Juice

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What is noni juice?

Noni is a type of fruit from a tree found in Southeast Asia and Australasia, and its juice is widely considered to be a health tonic. Bearing the scientific name Morinda citrifolia, the noni fruit is greenish-white and has bumps on the outside, which has earned it the name cheese fruit. The noni tree is also in the coffee family of plants!

Noni means a fruit that comes from the noni tree, which is scientifically known as Morinda citrifolia. The word itself is the original name in Tahitian, which is one of the Southern Pacific areas where the fruit naturally grows. Noni is a popular fruit in many Asian countries, but due to its health benefits, it has become well known around the world. Noni juice is also a popular health tonic, and is packed with nutrients!

Noni juice is the juice that can be extracted from the noni fruit, which comes from a tree in subtropical and tropical regions of the world. The juice has been used for thousands of years as a traditional remedy in certain Southeast Asian countries, and has now become popularized in the rest of the world. While some of the claims of what this sweet juice can do for health has been hotly debated, the anecdotal and traditional evidence are strong.

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