Everyday Wrong Habits Of Women That Can Harm The Skin

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Wrong Methods of Cleansing

Skin cleansing is very important every day, specially in the morning and at night after removing the makeup. However, if you overdo skin cleansing, that is wash your face or body more than the required number of times, your skin will look dull and dry.

The lather of your soap or face wash takes away the natural oils making you look parched and dried. Hence, let your skin retain its own moisturizing oils by using more water and less soap to wash it.

Applying Sunscreen Only On The Face

It is definitely a healthy skin care habit if you apply sunscreen on your skin every day. The wrong habit here is, applying sunscreen only on your face and not the rest of the body. Well, the ideal way is to apply a uniform quote of sunscreen in parts of your body that remain exposed to the sun.

In case you limit the application of sunscreen to your face only then the colour of the face and body will vary a lot.

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