10 Natural Anti-ageing Ingredients That Will Make Your Skin Perfect

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Sunflower, Pomegranate Or Camellia Oil

Applying oil is important for the human body from birth to death. When it comes to anti-ageing, there are some particular oils to go for namely sunflower, pomegranate or camellia oils. Three of these oils act as antioxidants to the ageing skin and help in building collagen due to their vitamin E content. These are powerhouses, and they not only protect against future skin damage (when layered over sunscreen), they also promote collagen production because of their vitamin E content. To apply, take any of the oils on your palm, and gently massage it on your face. These oils can be applied to the body as they help in moisturizing as well.


The protein and albumin composition in eggs help to fight ageing and also get rid of open pores, a common problem among ageing women. However, direct application of eggs is not the ideal way. To apply egg on the skin for anti-ageing, mix one egg white with half teaspoon of milk cream and squeeze half a lemon into it. Apply the pack all over generously and let it dry, for good results.

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