8 Secrets Healthy People Know

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Do you wonder how some people manage to stay so fit and healthy? We let you in on the secrets healthy people know.

We all know men and women who exude healthy energy-their skin glows, their eyes are bright, they have that extra pep in their step. Do you ever wonder how they do it? Besides the obvious combo of eating in moderation and exercising, here’s the scoop on eight things healthy people know, according to naturopathic doctor Holly Fennell of Toronto’s InsideOut Clinic.

1. Healthy people find the root of their symptoms

“As a naturopathic doctor my primary goal is to treat the cause of disease and not merely the symptoms. People seeking optimum health understand this principal and this leads to superior health,” says Fennell. For instance, if you are constantly tired, instead of plying yourself with caffeine or thinking up other ways to make yourself feel more wakeful, “figure out why you feel this way and address the cause,” she says.

2. Healthy people power up with superfoods

“My healthiest patients enjoy some secret superfoods. These taste great and they supercharge your system,” Fennell says. Her favourites are:

  • Cacao nibs: “A delicious sugar-free superfood. Cacao is a wonderful antioxidant that is high in magnesium and many other minerals. It is also a wonderful source of fiber. Try adding it to your favorite protein shake or smoothie,” she suggests.
  • Golden berries: “Not only are these berries high in calcium and B vitamins, they also support healthy digestion. They are slightly sour in taste so they mix well with sweet tastes such as coconut sugar.”

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