Top 5 Impressive Benefits of Soymilk

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Soy beans are a legume from which many food items are made for regular diet consumption. Soy products are popular with those eating a vegetarian diet because of the high protein content of the soybean. Soymilk and other soy products is traditional staple of Asian cuisine. It can also be used to make tofu which is like a substitute to cheese. Use of soymilk is said to have begun in China in A. D. 82. It is used extensively in other Asian countries such as Japan and Indonesia. Today is used all over the world and is easily available in various varieties across many countries.

The health benefits of soymilk include lowering risk of cholesterol, cancer, and obesity. It helps in improving cardiovascular health and reducing risk of many postmenopausal problems. The protein content of soymilk makes it a beneficial supplement for a plant based diet. For more, next are impressive health benefits or soymilk.

Nutritional value of soymilk


Unfortified soymilk original and vanilla is a good source of energy, protein, sugar, dietary fiber and fat. Amongst minerals it contains calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and zinc. Various vitamins such as folate, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6,vitamin B-12, vitamin D, vitamin E and vitamin K  are also found in soymilk. It also contains saturated, monounsaturated and  polyunsaturated fatty acids. All these nutrients help in maintaining a good health.

The nutritional value of soymilk may vary as to whether or not it is fortified. Though the protein content in soymilk is comparable to that of cows. Other nutrients may be of less content and fortification of vitamins and minerals is a common practice in commercially produced soymilk products. Soymilk that is fortified is sufficient for as a nutritious milk substitute for those eating a plant based diet or with dairy allergies since it contains calcium and other vitamins. The protein content and the soy isoflavones that are in soy products are phyto nutrients that have many preventive medicine benefits and are in soymilk both fortified and non-fortified. Reviewing the nutritional label is necessary to determining the nutritional value of each soymilk product as brands may vary.

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