10 Habits That Help You Live Longer

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Many people aspire to live a long and healthy life, experiencing numerous pleasures and relishing them to the fullest extent. The prospect of living that type of life is difficult at times due to increasing levels of pollution and lifestyle changes that are dramatic. There is hope because there are some healthy habits you can work into your daily routine that can help you live longer. There are many ways to infuse your body and mind with the best combination that will eventually lead you to a more prolonged life. We will review some of the habits that are designed to help you live longer. Here is your top ten:

Consume more water

Everything needs water, from plants to dogs and humans need it too. For your body to perform at its most optimum level, water is essential. This consumption needs to be pure water not coffee, soda, or sports drinks.

Move away from the T.V.

According to a variety of studies, you need to minimize your television watching time. Get on your feet, head outside and get some fresh air. You can take a walk, visit your neighbors or get a sports game going with family or friends. You can also read a book, anything that will challenge your brain and stimulate it is good for you.

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