10 Disease Fighting Foods You Should Know

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Disease Fighting Foods You Should Know

The food that we eat obviously has a huge effect on our overall health. Not only does food determine how strong our bones our, our body weight and our mental health, but it can also help prevent a lot of diseases. Whether it’s heart disease or conditions that affect your emotional and mental well-being, there are foods you can eat more of that will protect you against these conditions.

Here are 10 disease fighting foods!

1. Alfalfa

Just one cup of alfalfa sprouts contains 10 calories, and contain almost no fat whatsoever. However, what they are rich in is a number of phytochemicals, all of which are able to help the body protect itself from cancer. These phytochemicals are called saponins, and they will help cells repair themselves and avoid rapid growth.

Saponins can also help the body better maintain its cholesterol levels, protecting your heart at the same time.

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