10 Foods Your Vagina Needs You to Eat

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What you eat affects your body from head to toe, and that includes your lady bits. These foods will boost your health down there and everywhere.



Fermented foods, like kimchi (a Korean dish made of fermented veggies), are bursting with healthy bacteria. Eating more of these, along with fermented fare such as sauerkraut, pickles, and miso, can help maintain a healthy population of gut flora in your body—which includes your vagina, says Katherine Thurer, MD, an integrative gynecologist at the Raby Institute for Integrative Medicine at Northwestern in Chicago.



While the warm cup won’t directly act on vaginal health, it’s a smart swap to make rather than sipping wine with a meal or dessert after. “I get an uptake of complaints of yeast infections around the holidays when people are indulging in alcohol and sweets,” says Dr. Thurer.

These foods, which are high in natural sugars, feed yeast in the body. Of course, too much wine and sugar can be consumed any time of the year. If this is chronic a problem for you, think about ways you can cut down both, and check out these other proven techniques for preventing yeast infections.

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