55 Rampant Health Myths That Need to Die

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Do you believe carrot improves your eyesight? Or, vaccinations just for kids, adult don’t need? It’s like a common sense, we believe them as truths. But, in fact, it’s just a myth. Here are 55 rampant health myths need to be killed.

Myth: Alcohol warms you up

“Perception versus reality can cause people to report things that simply aren’t true. For example, if you ask a study participant ‘Does alcohol warm you up?’ the answer may very well be yes. But, that’s not what’s really happening in your body. Alcohol causes your blood vessels to dilate, moving warm blood closer to the skin and making you feel warm. But in reality this causes you to actually lose body heat faster. ” —Matthew Amsden, expert in research protocol and analysis and CEO of ProofPilot

Myth: Deodorant causes cancer

“That makes a great headline, but a few researchers used techniques that show correlation—not causation, and there’s a big difference. Humans and the world we live in are complex so it’s very unlikely that one particular behavior causes cancer. It’s likely a complex combination of genetics, environment, and behaviors. In addition, follow-up studies haven’t been able to corroborate a link.” —Matthew Amsden, expert in research protocol and analysis and CEO of ProofPilot.

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